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Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 1

Welcome to day of my journey to becoming a better student than I am. This whole thing is suppose to help motivate me into doing better and getting things done. I hopefully can help someone as I help myself. Like I said in my introduction post I struggle with really bad anxiety and I probably have some depression. This affects my everyday life and next year I will be in college, and I can't have this affect me as much as it does. So, I'm sort of going to be learning tips as I go along with this 'journey.' The goal is NOT to become the perfect student as much as I want to strive for perfection that will not help my mental health at all.

I think every month I want to start building a couple good habits. This week I want to try to get into a good planning routine and stick to it as much possible. I'm really into bullet journals, but if I fail at it then I stop doing it. Which isn't good and that is a nasty habit I need to kick. I also want to get into a good self care regimen, so I can focus on myself. I believe I need to have self-care time because if I work all the time then I will go crazy.

Here's what I have to get done before school tomorrow I'm going to a lot myself three hours of hardcore studying time to get work done. Now I would like to point out I am behind because of a family emergency that happened in January and the beginning of February this here really affected me and took time from school.

  1. 3 Calculus Assignments(one of them is done I just have to turn it in) 
  2. 3 Physics Assignments
  3. History Assignment 
  4. Read 100 pages of the Hobbit   
That shall take about three hours to finish. Stay tune for Day 2 to find out if I have successfully completed these tasks because why not? I also will be sharing some useful tips that helped me get things done. If anyone has any tips on anything please leave them in the comments below. You can find me on all social media @chey_ouatar.

Have a nice day,

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